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Fake Camera - donate version

Developer: FutureApps

This is a version with the same functionality as free FakeCamera (which was removed from Play store) - its purpose is to allow you to donate simply!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -New community @ Google Plus: users check this post:
Fake Camera allows you to pick a photo from your gallery instead of taking picture with your camera - IF THE APPLICATION SUPPORTS IT!!
It's useful, when some application (good example is World of photo) wants to take a photo, but you already have better photo and just want to add this existing one.
How to use: you'll not see this app among other applications, but when some application opens 'Camera picker', you'll see Fake Camera there, so you can use it instead of your favourite camera application.
Using permission 'write external storage', because some applications need to put content into file.
Note this is just a beta version, so please email me with any problems or not working applications, or put a line in discussion on this application site at